About NWI

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide people to achieve their optimal health through natural and safe measures utilizing specific non-invasive testing, dietary evaluation, whole food supplementation and other natural methods.

Our Beliefs

We believe we have been made with excellent bodies that will not perform well if not fueled with the right nutrition. You can reclaim your health naturally.

We believe our bodies were created by God to heal themselves if given the right nutrition. You can allow good food to be your medicine.

We believe disease, parasites, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses plague bodies that are malnourished. You can stop treating symptoms and get to the root of your problems.

We believe we live in a wonderful, industrialized nation, but that has not come without a price. Pollution in the form of heavy metals and toxic chemicals are absorbed daily into our bodies resulting in organ dysfunction because of their presence. You can take back your health through the gentle detoxification of custom designed whole food supplementation.

We believe that being seasoned medical professionals gives us the perfect blend of traditional medical experience and natural alternatives through nutrition. It is our goal to enable you to practice prevention of disease through healthy living and nutrition.