Pam Eubanks, RDH, MSHN

I chose to become a dental hygienist because I wanted to help others stay healthy. Dental hygienists educate people to preventive measures to avoid poor dental health. Even though most people take cavities and bleeding gums lightly, they are visible signs of physical deteriorating health. What we put into our mouth can make or break our health.

My passion for nutrition began in my first year of dental hygiene practice. I was privileged to hear Hal Huggins, DDS and his wife share his journey back to health. After experiencing failing health due to poor dietary choices and years of practicing toxic dentistry, Dr. Huggins was able to restore his health naturally through food. During that seminar, I learned more about nutrition than I had in the nutrition class required for my BS in Dental Hygiene. My passion for healing through nutrition began, and I resolved to attempt to make better choices about what I ate to enhance my health.

In the early 1980s I was diagnosed with cancer resulting in chemotherapy and major surgeries. Even though my body was being filled with toxic medicines to destroy the cancer cells, the doctors and nurses marveled that I was not experiencing the expected side effects to their fullest extent. I attributed this to my positive holistic approach to health including nutrition, lifestyle choices, positive attitude, and faith. This experience further fortified my determination to control my health naturally.

When I developed arthritis in my neck, back, and hands threatening continuation of my profession, I attributed it to genetics because of my family’s history with the disease. Once again, nutrition became my path back to health. Through the help of a Nutritional Response Testing practitioner, I lost all nodules, pain and stiffness associated with the inflammatory disease. Further convinced of the healing capability of nutrition, I pursued the education required to be a Nutrition Response Practitioner and a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition in order to help others suffering from diseases caused from nutritional deficiencies.

As a nutrition practitioner at Nutritional Wellness, I have been privileged to specifically pinpoint deficiencies leading to health challenges, coach changes in food and lifestyle choices, and custom design supplementation to enhance health and prevent disease. All of this is achieved through non-invasive holistic approaches that unlock the body from its state of dysfunction without harmful side effects.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates